Proper food for hungry folk. We provide the most satisfying of sustenance for your guests, delegates or colleagues, fresh from the Big Blue Burger Tent.


Never mind vol-au-vents, and forget finger food: this is two-hands-full food. Make the day memorable for you and your guests with ‘literally the best burgers in the world’.

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming to our wedding and making us the most popular people among all of our friends and family. The burgers went down an absolute storm, and weeks down the line, our guests are still messaging us talking about you and the incredible burgers!

You are incredibly easy going, and so easy to book and communicate with throughout the manic wedding planning process. You reassured me throughout the run up to the wedding, and didn’t need any instruction on the day, you just came and got on with it, which was such a relief… You also went above and beyond duty, and thoroughly entertained our guests whilst they were waiting in line which was really great! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making our wedding so spectacular!''


- Olivia

Our burgers are the stars, obviously. But we also have an entire chorus of co-stars including all kinds of fries, sliders (that's cute mini burgers), onion rings, wings, salads and cheezos. We even do puddings!


Howzabout that for a cast?



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