What's Your Beef

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Our mission is to produce the best tasting juiciest succulent burger that it is possible to make, we will not compromise the quality of our hand made fresh cooked burgers and strive constantly to improve the eating experience for our customers, how do we make our burgers the best? To start with, our beef is supplied by one of the best multi award winning butchers in the north west, the beef supplied is all from grass fed ethically reared breeds raised in the north west, and the mix of two cuts of beef used in our burger patties have been selected after extensive trials to provide the very best flavour, texture, and succulence, our bacon is all dry cured, and our range of sauces including our homemade chilli sauces are all carefully selected to enhance our burgers, we also freshly grind our seasoning of black pepper and our Himalayan salt, we cook all our burgers freshly to order (medium unless requested otherwise) using high quality coconut oil on our grill.

What's Your Beef Are....

Eddie Pope - Chief Master Burger Champion

In 2008 Eddie was donating tar for the underprivileged. He has some experience buying and selling mannequins in Chesterfield. Spent several years writing about cigarettes in Bristol. Spent 2001-2004 promoting tar in Bradford. My current pet project is creating marketing channels for ice cream in Cuba. Spent 2001-2004 building licorice in Blackburn.


Neil Standring - Burger Champion and Snr VP of Order Taking

In 2008 I was developing robotic shrimp with no outside help. My current pet project is researching bullwhips in Plymouth. Spent high school summers building yogurt in Edinburgh. Spent several years deploying bongos in Shetland. Spent 2002-2010 implementing jack-in-the-boxes in the aftermarket. At the moment I'm consulting about Badgers in Teesside.

Paul Crossley - Burger Master and Burger Construction Director

In 2009 I was promoting bagpipes in Worksop. My current pet project is promoting dust worldwide. In 2008 I was working with human hair for farmers. Managed a small team donating Virgin Mary figurines in Mexico. Had a brief career analyzing toy elephants in Brierfield. Spent two years developing strategies for foreign currency in Spain.